Top Trump Card: BinTigger

Data Analyst


20 years in industry doing Data

Excel power Goddess

Pivot table lover

Microsoft Office suite including Access and SQL server (SSMS)

Reporting services with data visualisation

Jira & Microstrategy


Favourite things obsessions passion

Jigsaws, Data, Puzzles and public transport timetables

What’s your pet Peeves in life work:

Digital exclusion & People breaking rules

Ideal holiday?

Beach, Yoga

Paperback kindle?


Favourites ∥ last read

Perfume by Patrick Süskind & The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov

Favourite Film(s)?

The Rock & the great escape (I just like Alcatraz)

Favourite ∥ most hated tools

Love Excel Pivot tables and hate all things Google especially google Docs 

What do you do? 

Play with Data

Why do you do it?

I like to knit together interesting data sets to surface a story that others can’t see and hopefully affect change

How did you get here?


Myers Brigg type

Entertainer ASFP-T

Cat dog?


Favourite Beverage?


What’s your super power?

Making people feel included (Hostess with the Mostest)

Where do you feel most comfortable?

My Bed – under my Duvet

Favourite food?

Beans on toast with Cheese (or any brunch)