ETC Engaged Tech Careers

Engaged Tech Careers

We set up WTJ to support women in technology with their careers. We knew there were too few and we also knew there were lots of women keen to know more and move into the sector.

Then something happened that we hadn’t anticipated…

Women started asking us to speak to their husbands, partners, brothers and sons in technology who happened to not be in our demographic. We found they genuinely wanted our help and with our aim to support those who approach us, we set up ETC – engaged tech careers.

There’s a number of reasons that led us to this:

  1. The female talent pipeline is not ready to support our very appreciated clients currently, so while we work on upskilling and training we realised it would be important to ensure our clients are fully supported now as well as into the future
  2. Gender diversity will take many years of everyone pulling together and putting in effort to think about designing new ways of working, new ways of recruiting and new processes which ensure there’s no unconscious bias present in our hiring decisions
  3. We really believe that this is an issue for men and women to work together on to create great teams that show others how things should be done.

If you’ve managed to find us well done, you’re helping to support gender diversity in technology and our clients in making that change.  We appreciate your support, come and would love to have a chat if you’d like some help with your next career move: