Careers in Tech

Careers in Tech

So you want a career in tech? This is where your journey starts, it’s a big old tech world out there with a myriad of options. So how do you know what’s good and what’s not, where do you really want to go on your careers journey and will you enjoy it?

We have partnered with ADLIB, who have put together some great tools for you to use so if you check out the salaries page you will have knowledge of what wages are normal in the area dependent on skills, years of experience etc.   You can use this to help you negotiate when applying for job roles.

The second dataset that you should take a look at is the careers and roles that you are interested in which you can find on their Careers Path section and also more specialised roles here.

With ADLIB you are obviously welcome to apply directly to them but we would prefer it if you come through us as we have a dedicated ADLIB employee to support our members and it also helps us keep WomensTech Jobs and everything else we do sustainable.

This will obviously only cover the digital area in which they specialise but over time we plan to extend this info to also cover wider engineering areas.