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Tech Skills Shortage

The writing’s been on the wall for a while,  Bristol is booming with startups and great innovators, but who’s going to be implementing the solutions?

The Current UK tech skills shortage means that Javascript developers with anything from 2 to 6 years’ experience are not an unlimited resource believe it or not (we know as we’ve been looking for them!!)

Here at Women’s Tech Jobs we believe that rather than getting frustrated and panicking over the lack of ready hires, we need to look at the talent pipeline.  In the time it takes you to find an experienced hire (costing you more than you can afford with salaries soaring) you would be better off putting your money into future skilling and ensuring a constant pipeline of talent.  Creating an environment where you have a great culture, supportive career progression and an open mindset will ensure that you have a workforce ready to grow with you and support the company.  Its either that or lots of money and patience…

We work with companies to support them with both experienced hires whilst building a talent pipeline for the future with trusted training partners. We also upskill and provide free training around soft skills and support our candidates with mentoring and coaching.

Here’s some useful reading on the skills shortage we’re currently facing ….