How hard can it be …

Have you thought about sponsoring Visa’s?

With all the talk about key skills shortages, especially at the mid-level, we felt it might be time to consider asking why employers are not taking up the option of sponsoring Visa’s.

With that in mind we’ve decided to share some information offered to us from one of our Women’s Tech Hub members, Nicole Neo, who, as a foreign national on a visa knows far more than we do on the subject!

Nicole also pointed out an advert that included the following phrase in their title headline.

“Sponsorship and Relocation Packages Available”

To us their phrasing said so much more than was immediately obvious:

  • They made the job stand out from all others.
  • They gave us the impression that the company is broad minded, forward thinking and inclusive.
  • That made us believe that they are supportive of their employees.

All this in one short phrase!

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ALD Automotive becomes WTJ first large business partner

ALD Automotive has proudly announced that it is the first business to partner with Bristol based Women’s Tech Hub and Women’s Tech Jobs.

ALD is the leading vehicle leasing operation in Europe, managing over 1.5 million vehicles across 43 countries worldwide. With its UK head office located in Emersons Green, Bristol, it is one of the fastest growing companies in the South West and is currently looking to grow its talent base.

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